Washler Inc.
Why Washler?
 Doing business with Washler Inc means…

1. We will treat you like a friend and neighbor, because you are.

2. We offer recycling pick up to every client we serve*.  All our trash is picked up using split body garbage/recycling trucks that can collect both trash and recycling at the same time.  We make recycling easy, just put all recyclable items in one container and we will do the sorting.

* Whitley County resident are not included in our recycling services because they already have a very well run county wide recycling program.

3. We will never charge you a fuel surcharge, environmental fee or other creative fee meant to milk a little more out of you, like the big companies do.  We also will not raise your rate unless we have to.  

4. Our professional drivers will always be safe, courteous, respectful, and helpful.

5. We will be on time.  Most of the time your pick up time will not change very much at all.  Of course trucks filling up and having to go dump and routes changing from time to time may change your time by a couple hours; however, most of the time we will be there about the same time every week.

6. We will always support the local communities that we do business in.  We currently support such organizations as Pleasant Lake PTO, DeKalb County 4-H, Steuben County 4-H, DeKalb County Relay for Life, Jackson Township Little League, and many others.

7. Your money helps the local economy.  We spend our money locally on such things as fuel, tires, parts, repairs, and many other areas.  This helps to keep our local economy going.  Spend money with the big companies like Serv-All, Allied Waste, Republic Services (All the same Company by the way) or Waste Management and your money ends up in Phoenix or Houston Where they are more concerned with Wall Street and Shareholders.  We care about you of customer, friend and neighbor!


1686 Forrest Park Dr
Garrett In 46738

P: 260.925.8427

Office Hours
Mon-Fri    7 am - 4 pm
Closed  Sat & Sun

[email protected]

To begin your service please call 260~925~8427 
or visit our "Contact Us" page and complete the form.