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Service Guidelines
Residential Containers

We offer 96 gallon container for trash and a 96 gallon container for recycling.   

Trash Guidelines:

1. Please have trash placed at the curb by 4:00 AM on your collection day or the evening before.

2. Containers provided by Washler Inc will remain the property of Washler Inc.

3. Serivice is expected to be continious, special rates may apply if service is not kept continuous.  There will be a $10 Late Fee assessed to all past-due accounts.

4. Residential Service is for trash from one household, sharing of service is not acceptable.

5. Please bag as much trash as possible.  This helps to keep trash from blowing away as we empty your containers.  Don't think this is too important?  Try putting a bunch of packing peanuts in your trash unbagged and see where they end up!!!  We will do our best to do our job as cleanly as possible, and appreciate any help you can give us.

6. HOLIDAY SCHEDULE:  If New Years Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day  Holiday's fall on a week day the trash will be picked up one day later for that holiday week.  If the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday, services will not be interupted for that holiday week.

7. Concrete, tires, car batteries, liquid waste, electronics, and hazardous waste will not be accepted.

8. Yard waste is not accepted.

9. Due to the Safety of our Road Crews and equipment, Fireplace Ashes will not be accepted

10.If you have a couple extra bags this week go ahead and put them out, we will take it.  If you have more than a couple extra bags, please give us a call to arrange a special pick up. (Extra Service Charges may be applied to your account, depending on the amount and size)

11. Large items will be accepted  as long as one person can safely load them and we are aware the items are there to be picked up.  Call us for a special pick up arrangements.  (Extra Service Charges may be applied to your account, depending on the amount and size)

Recycling Guidelines

1. Aluminum: Beverage can, foil, pie, and dinner trays.  Please rinse away food residue and place in recycling container for pick up.

2. Cardboard: Flatten and place in recycling container.  Pizza boxes are acceptable, just make sure you don't give us the pizza!

3. Paper: Newspaper, office paper, magazines are all acceptable.  Books are not acceptable.

4. Plastics:  Plastic containers like, milk, juice, detergent, beverage bottles, butter tubs are acceptable.  Look for a 1, 2 or 5 in the recycling emblem.  Plastic bags are also recyclable.  Plastic toys most of the time are not.  Food Grade Plastic Containers Only.  
No Packing Styrofoam or Styrofoam Egg Cartons

5. Steel:  Cans and other steel objects that attract a magnet are acceptable.  Some scrap metals may be accepted.  If the piece poses a risk of damaging our equipment we may leave it behind.

6. Glass: We Do Not Accept Glass in Recycling

These guidelines can also be found on the back of your bill

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To begin your service please call 260~925~8427 or use visit our "Contact Us" page and complete the form